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Calculate the cost per lead according to your niche.

We calculate the estimated cost of an optimized lead according to your niche. Provide your information below to calculate the cost for your business. Keep in mind it is not 100% accurate due to varying factors.


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We have a diverse range of clients

If you feel your company does not fit into our categories, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can work with you.

We get cases now

If you’re an attorney or have a law firm

We specialize in bringing new clients to all our lawyers. In all sectors; Worker’s Compensation, Car Accidents, Immigration, Family Law, Criminal Law, etc. If you’d like to see examples of our work, sign up today and find the results you’re looking for. Our platforms allows you to keep track of your progress on your own time. Imagine having digital marketing running all over the internet and acquiring customers right away.


We bring you patients

You need to have patients in your office

If you are a doctor, chiropractor, nurse or in the health area, we can take you to the patients who need you and we can schedule an appointment from the beginning. We are specialists bringing clients to the offices of our doctors in any part. If you want to try us you can sign up on our platform.


We bring you tenants

If you work with Real Estate

We know that buying and selling real estate is something that only experts do, we want to help bring clients, investors and people who have an interest in selling, right to you. We know the real estate market and what it entails to succeed. Leadiner is a company you can trust. Do you have any questions? Register to receive a call from one of our experts.



If you are a growing Startup

The largest startups in the world have grown their business with Marketing. The only problem is that the marketing process can take between 4 and 5 years. We have had wonderful experiences working with Startups because we understand and can relate to them. Let’s take our businesses to new heights and grow our Startups together.


We get clients now

If you belong to healthcare companies

Now more than ever people want to maintain a healthy life, and our job is to help health providers sell their services. We specialize in offering marketing solutions to health providers ranging from health insurance, alternative health care, general physicians, and field specialists. We have offered marketing services that have reached millions of people in different countries with great results, and now is your turn to do marketing with us. Tell us more about you:


We get results now

If you have a web app or mobile app

If there is something that we can help you with, it is to do marketing for your apps or games. We have a team of experts in user experience, programming, and apps’ marketing that will help you reach a bigger market than what you can imagen. With our experience in apps’ digital marketing, we can give you a customized evaluation to decide what strategies will work the best for you. Just register in our platform, show us your app, and we will do the rest.


We get people now

If you work or own a franchise

Big corporations understand that in order to be more productive when investing in marketing, it is important to set specific budgets for each individual franchise. Setting these budgets give the franchises’ owners/managers the power to make decisions and have direct contact with the marketing team. If you own a franchise or manage their marketing campaigns, register with us and allow us to help you reach new heights.


We get clients now

If you work or own a car dealer

Not everyone can afford buying a car in one payment. Marketing for car sales is not cheap or easy but we have studied this market profoundly and found a solution for these specific campaigns. We can offer a campaign at a much lower cost per sale than any other marketer. We will provide the numbers and results you need. Find out how. Contact us by clicking the button below.


We get events now

Do you have events to perform?

Do you need to sell tickets for an entertainment event, game, or concert? We can help your event reach a bigger market to ensure optimal tickets sales and event promotion. Contact us today to evaluate what marketing strategies will work best for you and your specific target audience or niche.


We get results now

If you have a platform or your own system

Do you have a unique platform or business model that is difficult to understand or learn? We understand marketing can be challenging. We can help you reach new heights in Digital Marketing. Register and receive a call from us in minutes.


Our platform is used world-wide

This platform is designed to simply digital marketing for you. Start today and experience the benefits while you gain leads and new customers.

Our Awards

We are honored to have received these awards for the past 3-consecutive years. You can win with us. Contact us today!


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